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XJ, One of Many Who Wait

In the interest of adoption, LWB Community will be profiling some waiting children whose orphanages have asked for help in finding families for them. However, we do want to be clear that these children are not in LWB programs, and we have no personal knowledge of them.

With so many children waiting to be adopted, sometimes our efforts at advocacy don’t feel like enough. Some of the children wait so many months that their paperwork is no longer reflective of their age and development, making it even more difficult to advocate for them. While we realize that not every waiting child will find a family, we also realize that many children are overlooked and lost amongst the thousands of waiting child files available. In an effort to make others aware of the various children that are currently waiting, we want to tell you more about XJ.

XJ is an almost five-year-old boy with an outgoing personality. This little guy loves to have his photo taken! His special need is that he is deaf. His nannies in Fengze tell us that XJ is polite, has a good memory, and is very non-verbally expressive. XJ reportedly gets along well when playing with other children, and he is sociable and happy. It would be great to see this little boy join a family that could provide him with every opportunity possible.

Of course, XJ is just one of many children currently waiting to be found on the shared list and matched with a family. Sometimes it is easy for these children’s files to be overlooked if their paperwork is not current, if there is not enough information about their diagnosis, or not enough detail on what they can do developmentally or physically.

Adoption is the key to changing the life of a child. It accomplishes what nothing else can by giving a child a family to love and to love them back, a place where they can belong and have every opportunity to reach their fullest potential. As advocates for all children, our hope is that by sharing this brief introduction to a waiting child who is not in a Love Without Boundaries program, it will encourage us all to be an advocate in some small way for any and all children who are waiting and waiting.

Meg Montgomery is an Adoption Assistance Advocate for Love Without Boundaries. She is a social worker, living and working in New York.

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoptionassistance@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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