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Yago, Full of Determination

Yago recently received a brand new coat to keep him warm this winter!  We think he looks incredibly handsome in his new jacket and love the shy, hopeful smile on his face.


Yago is ten years old and has been waiting for so long for a forever family of his own. As the years go by and Yago becomes closer to age 14 — the age at which children are no longer eligible for adoption in China — we remain hopeful that a family will see what we see in Yago: a serious, artistic, somewhat shy boy who wants to live as normal a life as he can, surrounded by a loving and caring support system.


When we looked at the recent photos of Yago, a boy in our foster care program who is unable to attend school, we were struck by the serious, somewhat uncertain expressions on his face. At ten years old, he is still a child. However, his eyes seem to show a much deeper understanding of some of the difficult realities of life.


Yago was in our education program since 2011 and has been in our foster care program since 2013.  He has lymphedema which affects his right leg and requires specialized care which cannot be provided in his orphanage. The difficult decision was made to take him out of school and put him into foster care with a family trained to care for his medical condition.

Becauuse Yago was in our Education program for three full years, we know that he is a good and conscientious student, full of determination and a strong will to succeed.  In our blog, “Yahoo! $4,000 for Yago” we wrote about how as one of the older boys in the classroom, he acted as a big brother to them and was looked up to as a class leader.  So we think that being taken out of the school environment where he was doing so well must be quite difficult for him.

Yago helping VictorAlejandroYago helping Victor Alejandro when he was still in school

Victor Alejandro, one of Yago’s younger classmates was adopted last year.  When he recently saw photos of Yago, he said, ” Mom!  That’s my friend!  He was like my big brother and helped me in school. I miss him. ”  Yago must have made a great impression on this boy!

Yago is a very good drawer, and we have seen some amazingly detailed artwork that he’s done.


He has lots of time to draw since he isn’t going to school, and it looks like he’s thought through many details of the life going on outside of his foster family — a life that he isn’t able to participate in at this time.


Yago's art2

Some of the photos we’ve received show Yago with a friend, riding bikes and playing basketball.


During the days, that friend probably goes off to school, leaving Yago to stay home with his foster parents and work on his own.


Yago's computer9.14


We want nothing more than to see Yago have the opportunity to attend school and most importantly, be a part of a family who will love and care for him always!


LWB is offering an Adoption Assistance Grant of $5,000 which might help Yago to have a family of his own, a opportunity for a healthy life, and a chance at going back to his studies and excelling. Please email us if you’d like more information about Yago‘s medical condition or his adoption file.

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoption@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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