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Yahoo! $4,000 For Yago

When we first met handsome Yago in 2011, he had just entered our Believe in Me School in Changzhi.


With determination in his eyes and strength of will, Yago rapidly stood out among the other students.

Yago's art

Yago showed talent in the arts and loved reading.  Always open-hearted and eager to help his classmates in need, he became like a big brother to some of his friends and grew to be an admired leader in the class.

Yago helping VictorAlejandroYago helping a friend with his writing.

Yago suffers from what is believed to be lymphedema in his leg which requires specialized care.  Before our involvement, he received a debulking surgery at a local hospital which caused him complications.  LWB had him seen by doctors in Shanghai where they recommended massage therapy for his affected leg.  Experts we have consulted feel he really needs to be adopted so he can receive ongoing care for his condition. 

When LWB was told that Yago needed medical care that could not be provided in his orphanage, we knew we had to make the difficult decision to take him out of school and put him into foster care. Even though he was making great progress at our Believe in Me school, unfortunately, he could not get both an education and the specialized care he needed.


With the love and care of a family who has been trained to care for his leg, Yago has blossomed emotionally. Now, he needs a family of his own —  a forever family.


The best option for quality care for Yago’s leg is to be adopted into a family who has the support and resources to dedicate to his medical care.

We’ve recently learned his adoption paperwork is ready, and he’s available for international adoption in the USA now.  Yago, now ten years old, truly deserves a chance for his dreams for both an education and a forever family to come true!


LWB is honored to offer an Adoption Assistance Grant of $4,000 which might help Yago’s dreams come true: a family of his own, a chance at a healthy life, a chance at going back to his studies and excelling.

Please spread the word about this amazing boy and the adoption assistance grant available to any family who adopts him!  Interested families should contact adoption@lwbmail.com for more information.

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoption@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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