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Yi Xuan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Yi Xuan is one of LWB’s first Unity Fund children with anal atresia, a condition that we are seeing more and more of in the children that we help.

Yi Xuan-2

This little three-month-old has already had one surgery, resulting in a colostomy bag. Soon after surgery though, she developed an infection that was treated in Shanghai last week. Her poor family is from a very rural area in northwestern Gansu Province and has traveled far to find medical care for their daughter.

Yi Xuan-3

The doctors in Shanghai discovered that Yi Xuan’s intestines are not absorbing the nutrients she needs. They were worried that if Yi Xuan didn’t get some good nutrition quickly she would become malnourished and would not develop appropriately. They have prescribed special formula, and Yi Xuan has already shown significant improvement in just one week. Yi Xuan is too small for her second stage anal reconstruction surgery as she weighs only 2.9kg and needs to get up to 5kg.

Yi Xuan-1

Yi Xuan’s parents are young and uneducated. Her father turned to farming wheat and corn to make money, and when he can find extra work, he takes part-time construction jobs. They have already spent more money than they had on their daughter’s medical care and now face the cost of two more surgeries for anal atresia, plus the cost of expensive formula.

Yi Xuan was discharged from the hospital in Shanghai yesterday. A kind woman said that they could live in her office space while they wait for their daughter to be ready for her next surgery, which will take place in about six months. Yi Xuan’s father has been searching for work in the city but hasn’t found anything yet. Thanks to LWB’s Nutrition and Special Projects Program, we are helping supply formula and colostomy bags for Yi Xuan. This little one also needs sponsors for her next surgery. Your donation in any amount will make a real difference in the lives of sweet Yi Xuan and her parents.

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