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Ying: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

There are many ways to measure educational success. Ying is almost five years old. When she started in school, she made little to no contact with other students, and her attention span and verbal ability were limited. Quarterly reports for Ying showed minimal improvement.

Yet there is a place for this precious girl in the Believe In Me Liupanshui School where teachers will gradually gain Ying’s trust. She will gain an understanding of a classroom routine. This student is not an example of the end result of educational success, but Ying exemplifies that there is hope and healing available for every child helped in LWB’s Education Program.

An area that needs to be met for children to successfully participate in learning is proper nourishment. Children’s bodies and minds jointly need nourishment and enrichment. Our school nutrition project at the Liupanshiu school was established in conjunction with the educational commitment to help children have a brighter future. Ying and her classmates will reach new levels of educational skills as their basic needs are met. Their climb toward success will be enhanced with proper nutrition received through daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, yogurt, and dried foods, such as dried fruit, seaweed, and fish. Sponsors of this important project will be able to watch Ying’s life being changed through both nutrition and educational enrichment. Sponsorships are $20 per month, and sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos.

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