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Yong in Beijing

We wanted to give you an update on Yong, the little boy from Guizhou you all have taken into your hearts. As we announced several weeks ago, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles has agreed to accept his case. Thanks to so many wonderful and kind supporters, we were able to raise the funds needed for his surgery. Everything came together over Chinese New Year, so we were waiting for government offices to reopen in order to get his passport and visa finalized.

Right after Chinese New Year, we were told that the government had created a new policy at the very end of 2012 which requires all orphaned children to be seen at a government approved hospital first, before they can leave the country for medical care. The hospitals which had seen Yong in the past in China were not official Tomorrow Plan hospitals. The local government in Yong’s province said they could not approve him leaving for LA until they got national permission first. His province has not sent a child abroad for surgery before, and so they are of course wanting every proper permission to be in place.

Yong arrived in Beijing earlier this week in order to have his consult at the Bayi Children’s Hospital, which is an official military hospital in China. Our director in Beijing, Cindy, met him and his foster dad at the airport and helped them get checked into their hotel. Yong was very excited about having flown on an airplane from Guizhou, and Cindy said he was singing to himself as they walked down the street. They met with the head of surgery of the hospital, who agreed that Yong’s case is of course extremely complex. They also met with government officials to allow them to meet Yong in person. Yong will have to have more testing done this week, and he will be checking into the hospital tomorrow. Cindy took him to the zoo yesterday while they wait for more instructions. We hope you will enjoy these photos of the special day they had together.

When they took Yong out to lunch following the initial consult, Cindy said that of course so many people were staring at him. However, one waitress came over and wanted to know more about Yong – and when she heard the news that he would be receiving surgery, she began to cry. She took Yong’s hands in hers and told him she would be thinking of him and praying for his complete recovery.

We will update everyone as soon as we get more news. Thank you all for caring so deeply about this little boy and for wanting him to get the medical care he deserves.

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  • chinalwb says:

    Hello Leigh! We just received word this week that Yong will soon be adopted by an American family and will be able to have his surgery here in the United States. Isn’t that wonderful? We are so appreciative of your thoughts and prayers for him!

  • Leigh says:

    Has there been any update on Yong? I keep hoping that I will see a note with an official surgery date. He is such a beautiful child and I think of him often and pray for him. I hope he will soon be well and have a forever family.

  • chinalwb says:

    Hi Shelly. Please see our blog from March 7, “What Comes Next For Yong” to read more about his story and what we know now. We are hopeful that his adoption paperwork will be filed! Thank you so much for your prayers for him!

  • Shelly says:

    Do you have any idea how long Yong will be in LA for Surgery? And when he is done healing will he be available for adoption? I would love to know. Thank you!!! I pray for this sweet child everyday, bless his sweet soul.

  • BeverlyB says:

    Praying for you.