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Yong is Loved

Yong and his foster siblings have had fun celebrating the Chinese New Year in Guizhou. We are waiting for government officials to return to work on Monday so that his passport application can continue and the final permissions can be given for his care.

Yong’s foster family sent this cute photo of him holding his foster sister’s hand, and we knew you would love to see it as much as we did. (To read more about Yong’s story, we invite you to read Be a Part of Yong’s Story and The Power of Love: An Update on Yong.)

We have been so inspired and touched by the notes and cards we have received for Yong. We will be saving every wish and prayer for him so that we hopefully can pass them on to his adoptive family someday. Here are just a few of the notes he has received:

You are a brave and strong boy! Many prayers are with you on this journey.

Yong, you are a precious and perfect creation. You are handsome and courageous. It is a privilege to be even a small part of your amazing story. Much love to you, Yong!

I wish he were my boy! He stole my heart, and I hope that he can get his surgery soon!

You are loved. That’s all and that’s everything.

Yong IS loved. We are so very grateful to everyone who has given from their heart to get him the surgery he needs. We will hopefully have more news early next week!

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  • Anne says:

    any word yet on Yong’s surgery & whether he got a passport??

  • roomforatleastonemore says:

    Sweet precious boy. My Guizhou girl, who just turned three, saw Yong’s photo just now and said, “Ahh, he is sweet.” And she asked God “to protect him” after I told her Yong would be coming to the US soon for surgery. We’re praying for Yong and his future forever family.

  • Lesa says:

    When will Young get his surgery?