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You Got A Smile So Bright: The 2019 Cleft Medical Exchange

During last year’s Cleft Medical Exchange, we met a baby girl born with cleft lip and palate named Faye.

When Faye’s family brought her to the hospital in Gansu, she was just eight months old and one of three daughters in a farming family. To make additional money to support his little girls, Faye’s father made noodles in Beijing, so he rarely returned home to Gansu. However, Faye’s dad wasn’t about to let his baby girl have surgery without him, so he traveled 1,500 km to be with her.

Like most parents, Faye’s mom and dad were anxious when our team wheeled her into the OR for her cleft repair. When their daughter returned following surgery, her parents were overjoyed to see her and were both laughing and talking at the same time saying how beautiful she is.

What a beautiful, life-changing repair. We were honored to be able to be a part of Faye’s healing!

For nearly as long as LWB has existed as a charity, we have been helping orphaned and impoverished children receive cleft repair surgery.  The need for funding cleft surgeries for orphaned children in China has decreased as the government has begun to provide this critical medical care in many cities. Impoverished rural families, however, are often in desperate need of healing for their precious children born with cleft lips and palates as they are unable to afford the necessary surgery.

Earlier this spring, we were excited to announce that an LWB team would be traveling to China for our 2019 Cleft Medical Exchange in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. Once the word got out, families began submitting applications for their children to receive surgery.

Thanks to an agreement we have reached with the hospital in addition to the generous donation of our cleft team’s time, each cleft surgery will be covered by just $1,000. Isn’t that amazing?

Two $500 sponsors could pay for an entire cleft surgery and make a world of difference to a cleft-affected child like Faye and the others seen here.

Our goal is to fund the first 30 cleft repair surgeries. Will you join us and stand with these impoverished families?

We look forward to working with you to make the smiles of these children in need even brighter than they already are!

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