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You Have to Hold Your Mouth Right

I have a grandmother (“Grandmommy”) who I loved visiting when I was a girl. We would visit the farm where she and my grandfather lived. I loved riding horses and hearing her stories of when she was a little girl. She helped me make a quilt. What wonderful memories!

Another thing I remember was helping with the dishes. When I was young, she didn’t have a dishwasher; so when a lot of people came to visit, there were a lot of dishes to wash, rinse, dry, and put away. But it was also a great time to visit and talk. It was hard to get the drain plug in right so the water for rinsing would stay in the sink. But Grandmommy could do it. She would say, “You have to hold your mouth right.”

What does this have to do with Love Without Boundaries’ nutrition program? Have you ever fed cereal or other solid baby food to a baby? If you have, you may know that you have to “hold your mouth right” to be successful in this job! Just ask the nannies at this orphanage where we help provide cereal to the children. From the looks of these babies, I think the nannies are doing it “right!”

Now my question is: What is this baby trying to do??

Suzanne Damstedt
Nutrition Director

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