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Your Donation Truly Makes a Difference

A few years ago, a woman with a very kind heart was teaching English at Tai’an SWI. She later moved back to the U.S, but kept in contact with the orphanage. The children (many with special needs) had truly touched her heart.

In February, she contacted Love Without Boundaries to see if there was any way she could help get needed supplies to the children at Tai’an SWI. Through the Orphanage Assistance program, her donation provided all the supplies needed for a complete physical therapy room, including mats, therapy balls and developmental toys.

Thanks to this kind Tai’an sponsor, the children now have all the therapy supplies they need to attain their maximum potential, and we, as well as all the children and staff at Tai’an, are truly grateful!

Kate Dlugozima is the Orphanage Assistance Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries. She lives in New York with her husband, Mike and two daughters: Emily, 5, and Abigail Fujin, 2, adopted from Jiangxi Province.

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