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Yun Xia: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Six years ago Yun Xia’s father died in a tragic coal mining accident. Not even a full year later, her mother was diagnosed with a life-threatening kidney disease and had to have a kidney removed. Now her mom cannot do manual labor, which is all she knew how to do as an undereducated woman in rural China. To ensure that Yun Xia’s older sister could complete her high school studies, the family used all their savings, and their mom became a cleaning lady at a hospital very far from their home in Hunan.

Today, once they pay their living expenses, there is no money to send Yun Xia to school. However, in her second year of high school, there is nothing more important to 16-year-old Yun Xia than her studies. Without the support of our Education Program’s Sunflower Project, this young woman likely would not be able to complete her high school education, nor stop the cycle of poverty in her future.

Yun Xia is in need of additional sponsors to help cover the cost of her school tuition and accommodations. With your $20 per month donation, you can help Yun Xia attend school and change her life. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos and will have the opportunity to write Yun Xia letters of encouragement.

Your support will truly make a difference. Yun Xia says it all as she shares her gratitude in a recent letter: Your thoughtfulness is very comprehensive. Other than my mother, sister and uncle, nobody in this world is as good to me as you.

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