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Yvonne: A Champion In Our Eyes

Yvonne’s mother died giving birth to her, and two years later her father lost his life in a car accident.  Now Yvonne is being raised by her grandparents who work in rice paddy fields in rural Hunan to support the family. We are very pleased to count Yvonne as part of our Impoverished Student Support program.

Yvonne and grandma 2015

Currently eight years old, Yvonne is in fourth grade. Her school is in an area with beautiful scenery but also poor road conditions with large pot holes. In fact, the last part of the road to Yvonne’s school is so bumpy that taxi drivers refuse go that way, so our manager has to take a bus to get there when he goes to visit!

Yvonne school playground 2015Yvonne’s school playground

Yvonne's classroom 2015Yvonne’s classroom

When she began in school, Yvonne was quite timid and was afraid to volunteer answers to questions from her teacher.  Now, however, with experience and support from her grandmother, she has become much more confident.

Yvonne schoolwork 2015

Her school recently held School Sports Day which she was excited to tell us about.  Yvonne was leading the 400m race for the first two laps but then began to feel tired. Her school friends all cheered loudly for her, and she managed to find the strength to pick up her speed again. As they neared the finish line she was neck and neck with her opponent, who finished just ahead of her. Yvonne was very proud to receive an award for second place. She says she had a blast and cannot wait for the next School Sports Day where she hopes to one day be a champion.

Yvonne and friend 2015

Yvonne is already a champion in our eyes! However, she is in need of sponsors to make the School Sports Day and other educational opportunities possible for her. Sponsors of $25 per month are needed to help Yvonne and her grandparents with educational expenses such as books, uniforms, and meals at school, and of course sponsors will receive updates and photos of Yvonne’s progress.


Yvonne and her grandparents are so grateful for the assistance in helping them ensure that Yvonne gets the education needed to help her succeed in life.  In fact, they specifically asked our manager to express their gratitude!

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