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Zane: Call Him, Maybe?

Our hearts melted when we saw these new photos of Zane, a regular rock star here on LWB Community! We can’t imagine how a boy with as much personality as Zane is still waiting on the shared list to be chosen by a family for adoption. However, we can imagine him singing something like this to his imaginary family as he waits and waits to be chosen:

I threw a wish in the well
Don’t ask me, I’ll never tell…
Hey — I just met you,
And this is crazy,
So here’s my picture (and my adoption file)
So call me…maybe?

Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad…missed you so bad, missed you so so bad…

Zane has his panda bear and friends in the orphanage to keep him company while he waits. However, we sure would love to see this boy find his forever family!  If you think it might be you, please call our Adoption Assistance team for more information…no maybes about it!

Oh, and Zane’s adoption assistance grant was recently increased to $4,500 — one of the largest adoption grants LWB has ever offered.  You can read more about our charming blog star in these features:

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Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoptionassistance@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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  • catherine says:

    oh,, Jessica, our family has been praying for a family to find Zane ! please let us know if you choose him….older boy adoption has been wonderful for our family

  • Bellamom9 says:

    Hi Leslie,
    My family is very interested in Zane! We are reviewing his file now. I would love to talk to you!! Please email me at jessica554@gmail.com

  • roomforatleastonemore says:

    SOMEONE PLEASE consider this precious boy!!!

    If anyone reading wants to talk to a family who adopted a then-10-year-old son from China, who also happened to be born with heart disease, PLEASE post her or ask LWB. A few of the volunteers there have my email addy!

    I can tell you we have been so blessed by the adoption of an older son. Of course there have been bumps along the way, but the blessings abound too. I am happy to share honestly and to encourage anyone who may seriously consider adopting Zane.

    And that $4500 grant! That is amazing!!!

    Signed, Leslie, Momma to 6, 4 born in China and with special hearts!!!