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Zane’s Miracle

LWB first saw nine-year old Zane in a photo from an Orphanage Assistance project at his orphanage in Zhejiang province.  We noticed how blue his lips and fingers were and asked the orphanage if we could do something to help him. When the orphanage told us Zane’s story, we were amazed to learn what a truly remarkable child he is.

Zane was found abandoned when he was only a few weeks old. The weather was cold, his lips were blue and he was having some breathing issues. An experienced ayi recognized this as a sign of a heart condition, and Zane was taken to the doctor immediately. The doctor said he would not survive past five years.

The orphanage did their very best to care for him, and when he lived past his fifth birthday they felt hopeful. They asked for help and took Zane to several different hospitals, all of whom gave the same prognosis — his heart defect was just too complex.

Zane suffers every winter with breathing issues, and the ayis are always frightened that he will not survive. The orphanage even purchased an oxygen tank to help him get through this past winter.

LWB had a heart catheterization exam done and then had the report reviewed by a U.S. cardiologist. The cardiologist felt Zane was a good candidate for a two-stage heart surgery. The hospital we are trying to send him to has experience with this type of surgery, and they are confident they will be able to help him. The U.S. cardiologist also told us that Zane must have someone watching over him because with his type of heart defect you usually see pulmonary hypertension (PH — too much blood flooding the lungs) which can increase the risk of a heart surgery tremendously. However, Zane’s body was made in such a way that he didn’t develop high PH and is probably why he has survived longer than the doctors expected.

He is such a sweet boy and is still in need of funding so that he can have this life-saving surgery. Any donations can be made through his sponsor page.

Children with acute medical needs will be helped by the proceeds of our 7th annual “Born In My Heart” Art Auction. This fun and exciting event will be held April 22-27, 2010. Don’t miss your chance to bid on some beautiful art, all while helping children like Zane who need a miracle!

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