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Zara, First in Her Class!

Zara entered LWB’s Hunan Secondary and Higher Education Program during the summer of last year, when she was preparing to begin her junior year in high school. Zara told us that she really wanted to attend school and hopefully go to college.


When we first met Zara she told us of her family. She lives with her aging grandmother, who suffers from constant bronchitis, and her father, who has a bad back that keeps him from working. Sadly, her mother left home when Zara was just two years old. Zara told us of the chores she did at home to help her grandmother: cooking, cleaning, gardening, and helping in any way that she could. She also had her studies to keep her more than busy.


One of the best things that happened to Zara and her family was at the beginning of this year, when her community came together to build her family a new home. Their previous home was damaged and unsafe, and Zara worried a great deal about her father and grandmother being hurt in their home. Her neighbors worked together to build them a safer roof and walls.


In the spring of last school year, Zara shared her grades with us. While they were not bad at all, she felt like she could do much better, and she promised to work even harder so that she could attain first place in her class. Zara was proud to write to her sponsors this fall sharing the exciting news with them that she has done just that! She is now proud to say that she hold the first position in her 12th grade class, and she is focused and determined to maintain it all year long while she is preparing to attend college.


We are so very proud of Zara and are grateful to her sponsors for helping this strong young woman realize her goals.

Currently, six older children like Zara need education sponsors! Sponsorships range from $20-$25 a month, and children in need can be seen here on our website. Thank you for considering helping a child whose life situation prevents him or her from receiving an education!

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