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Zhaotong Foster Care: Grow With Us!


Our Zhaotong foster care program in Yunnan province is growing!   We have four wonderful new children in need of three sponsors each to join our program and benefit from the love and support that a foster family offers. Our search for foster parents has begun and we would love to get the children into their new foster homes as soon as possible. The three youngest children will also benefit from our cereal program which delivers a box of cereal each month for each child up to 24 months of age.


The first sponsor to sign up to support each child has been allowed to choose the English name of the child. As you can see from the adorable photos, three of the four new children entering the Zhaotong program already have English names!



Please consider sponsoring one of these children in foster care; you may learn more by clicking on the names under their photos. As a sponsor you will receive monthly updates including photos of your sponsored child. We think you will be thrilled to see these children blossom!

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  • Steven says:

    Fostering is a quite good option for those families who do not have any child and want to give care and love to these children. A short time of attention gives a strong support to them. They feel love, affection that they look for, and haven’t felt earlier.

  • chinalwb says:

    Hello Sarah! Thank you so much for your offer to help. Unfortunately, our last foster care program in Yunnan, in Zhaotong, closed last year when they built a new orphanage. So we do not currently have any programs in Yunnan. We certainly hope that you can find some way to help!

  • sarahvossler says:

    Hi, this is a shot in the dark but I’m an American woman living in Dali, Yunnan with my husband (he’s Chinese) and 2 children. I’ve worked with a nonprofit and needy children in the past, when we were living in Beijing, and I’m wondering if I can help here in Yunnan. I’ve recently found myself wondering if there was a need for foster families for orphans in Yunnan and found your website. If you could somehow use me, please let me know.