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Zita: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Zita used to live in a family that everyone would consider very happy and normal. They laughed and loved and enjoyed good food. They were peaceful. All of that changed in 2010.


One day Zita’s father was in a very bad car accident and sustained serious injuries. Their family worried for his life. The hospital bills became so large that her family went into great debt. Zita’s father can no longer work, and, sadly, his mother – Zita’s 76-year-old grandmother – has stepped in to help care for her son. A large gray cloud has been hanging over their family ever since that day.


Zita has a four-year-old sister. She is so young, and Zita misses her very much as she had to move to another province with her mother, who left to find work to help support the family. There is not enough food in their home, so during the week Zita lives with her aunt. Zita helps around the house but is hopeful that she can go to school. On the weekends she returns home to help her grandmother with the farming and the chores. Zita also helps to care for her father.

Zita is a good student and has won many school awards in the past, which makes her feel proud when she sees them on the wall. Zita wants to go to school to fulfill her dream of receiving an education, but she needs help to make her dreams come true.


Sponsorships of $20 per month will allow Zita to attend school through LWB’s Hunan Secondary and Higher Education Program. Sponsors will receive quarterly reports and photos on Zita’s progress and will have the opportunity to write her letters of encouragement.

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